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In 2015, Kurian met Jissa at a batch introduction class at Sacred Hearts College Thevara. He then discovered that he had actually met her at the church in front of their campus before to the orientation class. Following the orientation, Kurian felt a connection with her and they both went home.When Kurian realised the next day that they had been in the same class, for a while they continued to be just friends and classmates. Nevertheless, as their friendship grew stronger through their interactions, they eventually felt a spark for one another. They declared their love after realising they had feelings that went much beyond friendship. The rest of their undergraduate education they spent together as lovers, in 2018 after completing their college education, Kurian moved to Punjab and Jissa to Chennai  higher education. their long-distance relationship persisted. The global pandemic COVID-19 struck shortly after they finished their studies. Each of them returned to their house. They chose to go through their families with the proposal because they were too deeply in love. Since Kurian and Jissa were close friends and classmates, both families knew one another. As a result, both families approved the relationship and moved forward with the proposal. Their devoted and sincere love blossomed, and in 2023 they got married. Let's have a look at some of their beautiful wedding moments. 

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