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They both met while returning from a school competition and were on the same team, which is how their love story started. Later, Nimmy discovered him sitting on the back bench, gazing at her like he discovered a priceless gem he had never seen before. During practise, Naveen caught sight of her at the canteen staris and developed a crush on her. He made an effort to be by her side all the time. In addition, Naveen created an extensive plan to claim her as his own, which took two years to fully implement. To make an impression on her, he made everyone to compliment him in front of her. Following a lengthy wait, they both began texting on Facebook. Afterwards they realise that they both came from the same area. Their homes were only three minutes away. Later, he made her a proposal, she was interested in him too but she didn't respond.Because of their academic pursuits, they were kept apart. The bond between them grew stronger every day as their physical distance from one another increased. Like in every story, some issues began to surface as time went on. however, they overcame it and made it through. Due to their difficulty maintaining communication, problems started to arise. Later, he left for another country, increasing their distance from each other, but they overcame it by their strong love and were able to stay together through all the highs and lows. Eventually, the wait ended. They tied the knot on------ 

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