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Software developer Rinju and enthusiastic and artistic photographer Arjun both wanted a marriage of love. But they didn't have enough time for dating or entering into a relationship because of their hectic work schedules. Thus, their hopes of getting together and getting married for love were shelved. ​ Their parents didn't like any of the profiles on the marriage matching website, even though they both registered them there. Arjun once asked St. Antony to give him a partner who lived close to his home. Tuesdays were the days that Arjun experienced miracles in his life. One Tuesday, he received a notification from a matrimonial website stating, “We found a match for you.” When he opened it, Rinju's profile was there. ​ They got in touch with one another and arranged to meet with their families at Rinju's house. As Arjun arrived at the place Rinju had instructed him to go, he got surprise to discover that, true to his prayers, the estimated arrival time was only one minute away from his home. They had conversations for hours about their views on love, careers, hobbies, and aspirations, which is unlike most people they meet on a date. Both Rinju's and Arjun's families asked them about their feelings for each other after they got home. They scheduled their marriage since they both said yes.

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