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Sruti and Albin registered on a matrimonial website in 2022. Albin's parents reviewed numerous profiles. Albin had no interest in getting married because he wasn't ready. Albin was not particularly interested in the profile when it was shown to him, but he was curious as to whether it would work out or not. Nevertheless, for some reason, it did not work out. The request to view Srutis's profile was made by Albin's sister, and after receiving a response from Srutis's family, there were no further updates or communications for a while. He received a notification from LinkedIn saying, "Someone viewed Your Profile" That was the first and last time that Albin got a use from the linkedin app. . They got together and spoke only on LinkedIn. After some time, they discovered that Instagram made communication much easier and more convenient. However, they soon realised that their differences in opinions and tastes in life would prevent their relationship from working, and Albin was also not mentally ready for marriage. The very next day, Abin was curious as to why Sruti thought it wouldn't work. When Albin messaged Sruti about this, Sruti responded like she was awaiting text from Albin and she approved the proposal. Then, everything began in February when the families of both of them got together and the proposal was made. They continued to text and get to know each other better every day from February to November before accepting the fact that they are getting married, but even then, they both knew they were in love even though they didn't express it. Albin drove from Kerala to Banglore once in order to meet Sruti for the first time. After a long wait, Albin eventually met Sruti at the Forum Mall Starbucks, Bangalore. Albin was overly eager and ready to be the most attractive man. After a long time, Sruti arrived and sat down. However, Albin was unable to look at her for some reason, possibly due to nervousness or shyness, so Sruti had to gently compel him to do so. Albin's eyes were gleaming with excitement. Sruti was nervous and excited too, but she was still able to maintain her composure. The meeting went well, and they made the decision to stick together to share their joy and all of life's highs and lows. Their love blossomed, and Albin and Sruti were married on ——.


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